Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Laughing Matter

Over the last week, I have laughed myself to sleep three whole nights. And I’m not talking about chuckling at a funny line in a movie, or smiling while reading an amusing article, I’m talking about full-out uncontrollable belly laughing.

At what you ask? Myself.

I was attempting to be sexy while putting on body lotion. But I was in an oversized sweatshirt…and then lotion bottle farted.

That was it, composure gone. The laughing started and did not end. What perpetuated the laughter was knowing my suitemates could hear my hysterics and probably thought I was crazy…or hilarious.

The laughing continued the next night. And then the next. The more I thought about the ridiculousness of my life (i.e currently living in a castle) the more I laughed.

I don’t know what’s happening but I like it. I hope this becomes a trend. Who knew going to sleep could be so much fun!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fit For A Queen

For the past two nights I've been giggling myself to sleep in the Officer's Wing Bedroom of the Amsterdam Castle.

What has my (amazing!) life turned into? Oh yea...a movie : )

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

For the next three weeks I get to work on a horror movie set in upstate NY. Here’s a little taste of life on a frozen river : )

This is our set. Favorite part: the mountains in the background.

This is how I got to set.

Note: I didn't ride the ATV... I was pulled in the luxurious back compartment. It was amazing!

The ice is 20 inches thick...but I was still nervous I'd fall through.

Only some of the equipment our amazing crew had to haul out to the ice.

Another grand shot.

I could take/post a million of these pictures because it's so cool out there. But I won't, you'll get bored.

This is so my parents know I'm properly equipped for the least until it snows again.

Lastly, here's a video I took with my phone. It's poor quality and sideways but it shows how grand the space is.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here’s Looking At You, Kid

The beauty of living in any major city, and taking public transportation everywhere, is the amount of people watching it allows you to do.

Walking around New York, I come across or pass hundreds (maybe thousands?) of faces a day. I can’t tell you the number of times I think, “Wow, that person is really good looking… I wonder if they have any idea?”

Chances are no, they don’t. Because I’m not talking about the obvious models that run around and scream "look at me!" I’m noticing the normal people, regardless of age, height, or weight. The people that are just running to catch the subway train bundled up in 30 layers with another 30 things on their mind.

Not to get preachy, but we’re a beautiful species. We walk standing up, we eat with forks and knives, and we can exfoliate! So let’s take a second to appreciate how good looking we all are.

And let me just say…you look great today!