Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Career Switch?

With all of the doom and gloom surrounding the fate of our world, I found it interesting to note that the three recession-proof industries are:

1. Entertainment – We may have lost our jobs, homes, and cars, but at least giant transforming robots are not trying to take over the planet...again. (Whew, dodged that bullet)

2. Make-Up – We may be going down, but at least we’ll look good doing it!

3. Alcohol – What recession? My vodka and pineapple juice tastes great!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank You Ellen

Upon graduating, this is what I want to hear.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That's A Wrap

This is one of my favorite endings to a season ever. Kudos to Bill Lawrence (creator of Scrubs) for finding a unique way to wrap things up.

In this final scene, J.D. fantasizes about the future.

Song: The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel
Episode: 8x18: My Finale

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Highlighted Life

After 18 years of schooling, here are some things my estimated $150,000 education taught me:
1. I’m not allowed to own highlighters.
2. Highlighting an entire page defeats the purpose of highlighting in the first place.
3. Highlighting everything BUT the important lines is not an effective way to study either.
4. The Blue highlighter is soothing to the eyes, and therefore helps you retain the information better.
5. Pink highlighters mean “Party time!,” on the page that is.
6. Orange and Green should not have been made into highlighters, they’re just awkward colors.
7. Neon Yellow is, and will always be, my favorite.
8. Skinny highlighters make me feel more studious.
9. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a page or study guide covered in different colored highlights.
10. Top 10 lists are always a classy way to conclude an era.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I should have paid more attention to Home Alone…

After getting my eyebrows waxed, my sister and I made our way to make-up madhouse Sephora. A day of beauty commences!

Their stores have tons of stations with cotton balls, make-up remover, and rubbing alcohol, so you can play with make-up all day.

While walking around the store I decide it would be a good idea to clean my eyebrows-- keep in mind they’ve just been waxed. I was not thinking things through. I took a cotton ball, put rubbing alcohol on it, and then proceed to swipe it across my brow. Yeah, putting rubbing alcohol on the part of my face that has just had a million hairs ripped from their follicles was a brilliant idea.

What then followed was the scene from Home Alone where Macaulay Culkin puts on his dad’s aftershave and begins screaming… the day of beauty ceases.