Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Heard You The First Time

Every time I go to get my eyebrows waxed the same thing occurs… “Oh, your hair is so thick! You have too much if it! You should have come sooner.”

I have thick hair? What?...Yes, I am aware.

When it looks like you had a face-lift at 7-years-old because you wanted your mother to fit all of your hair into a single hair band... that’s some thick hair.

They also don’t stop scolding! I promise you (without exaggeration) my eyebrowist told me how thick my hair was and how I should come in sooner every 30sec. EVERY 30 SECONDS!

I want to say back to them, “Yes I’m fully aware! I heard you the first 37 times…that’s why I’m here!”

Maybe I should move to France.

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